Truth and Trauma in Justice

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To support organizations that regularly connect with folks in prison through correspondence, sending packages, training them in policy advocacy and in other ways: California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Initiate Justice, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, Antirecidivism Coalition, Root and Rebound, Essie Justice Group, Mt. Tamalpais College.

To support organizations working to provide trauma-informed programs inside the prisons as soon as we can go in: Insight Garden Program, the Compassion Prison Project, the Ahimsa Collective, Re:Store Justice, Healing Dialogue and Action, Insight Prison Project, No More Tears, Insight-Out. And of course, there is Keith Wattley's organization UnCommon Law. Many of these organizations are a part of the Transformative In-Prison Workgroup (TheTPW.org)