Racial Justice Act Symposium

Thanks for attending the 2024 Racial Justice Act Symposium!

Video recordings from the symposium are available online. Click the links below to view each recording:

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The Racial Justice Act Symposium was a dynamic collaboration between the Berkeley Criminal Law & Justice Center and the Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law, bringing together public defenders, data scientists, legal scholars, and the author of the California RJA, Assemblymember Ash Kalra (the keynote speaker). This Symposium aimed to serve as an opportunity for strategic coordination, sharing of best practices and lessons learned, expert witness development, and more. Lawyers, scholars, expert witnesses, activists, organizers, and all those involved in defense side implementation of the RJA attended to help the RJA achieve its promise of eradicating racially biased convictions and sentences, and shape a fairer, more equitable legal landscape.